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[xxsP] XenXero Site Previewer

  • In the acp go to options -->minorin
minorin1.pngadd these lines to the bottom:
<span class='minorin_bbcode_site'></span>:[site=][/site]
<span class='minorin_bbcode_http'></span>:[http=][/http]

  • Edit template: dark_minorin.css
add this at the end
.xenForoSkin .minorin_bbcode_site { display: block; width: 20px; height: 20px; background:url(styles/dark/site.png) no-repeat center; }
.xenForoSkin .minorin_bbcode_http { display: block; width: 20px; height: 20px; background:url(styles/dark/http.png) no-repeat center; }

http.png upload these two images to your /styles/dark/ directory site.png


  • pngs.zip
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A small problem: when I look at the demo thread and the link is in the upper area of the screen, the preview is cut somewhere in the middle and the upper part of the preview can't be seen.
Is it possible to show the preview in a way that it's seen completely?
depends on what you want to do and the viewable resolution of the computer looking at it.

Try this and let me know how it looks for you.

Edit template: xxsP_main


<style type="text/css">
.jLinkPreview {
edit so it reads:
<style type="text/css">
 .jLinkPreview {

Then refresh your page.
Thanks, will have a try.

I was using a Notebook with 1280 x 800, which should be quite common.

pending how long you want unsigned service for....

These are their prices.
Single Domain
6 months for 5.99$
12 months for 9.99$
24 months for 14.99$

forgot I put this together....I am probably going to rebuild it soon...added it to my whiteboard of todo things.
lolllll don't need it that bad so i'm cool with the watermark. thanks for posting this :D
np...I feel the same way about the watermark..If I was to run a professional type forum I would restyle it and remove the logo but whatever...for recreation and for free and some advertising for them...everyone wins.
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