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XDinc submitted a new resource:

[XTR] Node List Widget - Best way to create a node list tree.

[XTR] Node List Widget - Forum List Widget

This add-on allows users could easily access to the nodes or sub nodes they want easily just by a click.

XenForo 2.2.x Compatibility
  • Requires PHP 7.2+
  • Supports only XF 2.2.2+
Note: Please do not install the add-on, if you are using lower than XF 2.2.2
This version only support to XF 2.2.2+.

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Nodes will only be visible if you...

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Most of your addons arent compatible with UIX styles unfortunately
I don't think I have such an obligation. If there is someone who does not fit the structure, it is not me.

I know TH styles, have a nice interface also they had the magic simple macros unique to their style frames but I'm not sure if it's an advantage to have these styles.

However, developers rely on the basic structure when creating a product or resource.
I'm sure, you have more than 10 add-on, Could you please pay attention to the messages posted by who has a TH style on this site?

The highlighted question at messages is this;
Does it work/Is that working with TH styles? (I can add quotes)

Now, what would you do if you were a developer?
Why should I find a solution for a company that has changed many templates specifically? If there is a modified template, the changes and additions that are planned to be implemented with the add-on do not take place.

I think the question you should ask yourself is "Why are these add-ons not compatible with my theme?" So do you know the answer?

We may talk about these problems via different post at length.It is an honor for me to support a friend or find solutions to their problems.

My request from you, please do not forget all add-ons or styles should be created with basic XenForo structure.
No need to more than.

I've tried to express this situation without upsetting you.


You may use this add-on without icon option :)
Keep in touch to discussing this problems with another post.
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There's probably not a way to get around it, just because of the way XF is structured, but I wish it could create a node list without including the category and parent node names. I was experimenting with using multiple instances of the widget inside an html widget to create a tabbed forum menu, with some of the nodes under others in a drop-down and other nodes in separate tabs, but most of my nodes are under one category and one main parent and the names of each get repeated in every instance of the widget, which is just too redundant. I can probably get it to work for me, though, with some creative restructuring. In any case, I'm not really complaining, just wishing out loud. :whistle:

Thank you for sharing another cool addon. Much appreciated. (y)


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I'll start off by saying free resources are greatly appreciated in the XenForo community, so thank you.

That being said, the process to get this is a little cumbersome. My steps in the past day to download this add-on:

  1. Register on the site only to be denied due to spam (that's fine, typical forum stuff)
  2. Manual account creation by admin done fairly quickly, so I appreciate that
  3. Login only to find out you can't download the add-on, no reasons given. I eventually guessed I had to add a validation token (no sign of this just assumed as some other sites do this)
  4. Validation went through, now I apparently have to react to the resource before I can download:
  5. Reaction given to something I have no idea if I'll actually like it. Go to download again now that the button but I'm denied:
  6. I make a post in your forums saying this process is a little ridiculous, now I get to download my "free" add-on!

That makes sense, right? I don't understand why you're forcing people to react to resource they can't even try. I don't understand why you're forcing people to interact with a forum that I can't even understand because it's in Turkish. What benefit do you get out of this to make folks do all this? It's almost like you're showcasing every single add-on you have for download.

Again, free is free but when you have to jump through this many hurdles and still be denied for this "free" download it's silly.


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These feed backs are great yes you are right on all of them.
I will fix it one by one, As you said we should not force anyone to do anything, this is very boring, I don't have an available every time to check the states and my teammates added these rules.


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Appreciate it, again you were fast about creating the account quickly so thank you for that. The validation is a completely fine step to make sure the user has a current license, but you just need to make it more known (maybe there was a notice I missed).


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Appreciate it, again you were fast about creating the account quickly so thank you for that. The validation is a completely fine step to make sure the user has a current license, but you just need to make it more known (maybe there was a notice I missed).

My goal is not to upset anyone, I will reconsider some rules with my team.
Thank you very much for your sensitive approach.

I'm adding notifications right now. (y)


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I joined on Sunday to your community forum to be able to download some free XenForo addons. What is the point of it when I confirmed my e-mail that requires activation by administrator of your forum as well? I have provided all of necessary information you ask while registration but it is still not active. I also saw, that somebody from Turkey has visited my forum so I thought, that my account will be active on the same day... How long do I need to wait? Seeing what the people have written above, this kind of registration has no sense.