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mcatze submitted a new resource:

[XT] CoverArticleThread - Let's set an default cover image for article forum preview style if no attachment is set in thread.

For XenForo 2.2.x with article forums without a attachment set in the thread. You can define a default cover image for the preview style, not for thread view, so the are no blankets anymore in the preview grid style.


  1. Auto-installation
    1. Go to ACP->Add-Ons and upload the ZIP file
  2. Manually installation
    1. Upload all files in /upload folder in your forum root
    2. Got to ACP->Add-Ons an install the new listed add-on...

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Feature Request
Allow setting an individual cover image for article threads when creating/editing them


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Thx :)

After test, new error:

In template_modifications.xml, replace:
style="background-image: url('{{ link($thread.Forum.xt_cover_img_path) }}')"
style="background-image: url('{{ ($thread.Forum.xt_cover_img_path) }}')"


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No thats not correct. It has to be {{ link($thread.Forum.xt_cover_img_path) }} 'cause the XF syntax. If i delete the link, XF cannot generate a full link for the image.