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xsplayer (sound youtube) 1.0

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xsplayer (sound youtube) (version 1.0) - take the sound from youtube and play it in your post

important: use a translator to write this post:)

This bbcode does is "take the sound from youtube" and play it in your post.

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This saved us bandwidth and disk space of our forum.

¿How to install?

You will find in the folder:
  • A folder with the name of player_swf (this folder must be in the root of your forum)
  • And bbcode_xsplayer.xml install it with the...

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Does this just play the audio stream? Or it just simply doesnt show the video also?


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Thanks for this bbcode. Is good.

I'm preparing a player with attahchments, but don't save disk space, bandwidth, etc.


Digital Doctor

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One caution ... by the nature of blocking the video .. it blocks ads ... is that a violation of any YouTube Terms of Service ? For someone collecting Google Ad money .... that might be a concern.

Q: what happens if you try to attach a video that can only be played on ?

For this video and every video ... there is an .mp3 stream. Is this player using that stream ?