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[XI] Tag 1.0.2

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King Kovifor submitted a new resource:

[XI] Tag - Adds a "Tag" link to posts

What is [XI] Tag?

[XI] Tag adds a simple "Tag" link to posts (as discussed in this suggestion) that will add the default tag (@USERNAME) to the editor (both Redactor and BBCode editor). It even supports the non-JavaScript based method (as with the "Reply" link).

Installation is simple, just follow these steps:
  1. Upload the contents of the upload folder in the download....

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This is pretty cool. I understand what it does after reading @Jake Bunce suggestion but the order the screenshots are in makes no sense.
Better? Basically, next to "Reply" it adds a "Tag" link which will insert the username into the editor (so clicking tag on mine would add @King Kovifor into the editor).
The first screenshot is a post by Jeremy.. tagging himself. That I did not understand.

If the screenshot was of Jeremy saying something (but with no tag) I would not have been confused.

Then the second screenshot being a reply by the user test who hit the tag button and @Jeremy showed up in the reply box.

In both rich text editer and BB Code editor.

Then the next screenshot after that would be a post by the user named Test, tagging Jeremy.
I'll re-screen cap them later. I think the description adequately describes what it does for now.
Hi @King Kovifor
Do you mind if I added the code + ', '
            if(ed.$editor) {
                ed.insertHtml('@' + $'username') + ', ');
                if (ed.$'xenForoElastic'))
            } else {
                ed.val(ed.val() + '@' + $'username') + ', ');
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