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[xFv] Animated Online Markers [Deleted]


Previously Cylent1
[xFv] submitted a new resource:

[xFv] Animated Online Markers - Choose from a variety of online markers including animated markers.

[xFv] Animated Online Markers is a variety of Online Markers including Animated Markers.
Enjoy! (y)
  • Default Online Marker.
  • Avatar Glow Marker.
  • Animated Dot Marker.
  • Animated Avatar Glow Marker.
  • Full responsive and mobile compatibility.
PREVIEW: Avatar Glow (Non Animated)
View attachment 156680

Animated Dot Marker:
View attachment 156685

Animated Avatar Glow Marker:
View attachment 156686
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Brad P

Active member
Looks great. I do however really like the glow around the avatar. Would it be possible to have it glow to the usergroup colours ?

My thinking so it displays in the staff online sidebar with the glow colour of the staff usergroup? Can a new addon or it be added to this ? Also for XF1 users ?


Previously Cylent1
Any chance you could respond to the above ? @[xfv]
Yeah I cannot figure out to get tha avatar to glow usergroup colors!
I have been trying but no luck.
Also I learned that the usergoup priority setting has to be Admin first instead of Registered first.
So without every admin changing that on every site which I doubt, its a no go...
But I am very interested and looking into this and I will keep you updated.
Sorry for the late response.