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[xFT] Photoshop on HTML5 - This simple addition will add "Photoshop on HTML5" to Your forum.

Source of the flash script: https://www.photopea.com/
In the script there is an advertisement of the author.

Demo: http://xf-t.ru/xft-photoshop5

  • This simple addition will add "Photoshop on HTML" to Your forum.

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Photopea is not Photoshop. From the website:
Photopea is an advanced image editor, which can work with both raster and vector graphics. You can use it for simple tasks, such as resizing images, as well as complex tasks, such as designing webpages, creating illustrations, processing photographs and more.
So while it may be very Photoshop-like, to label this resource as Photoshop is misleading.


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Photopea is not Photoshop.
Agree. This script does look like a clone of Photoshop, but is not in any way sanctioned of licensed by Adobe as far as I can tell.

The word Photoshop used throughout should probably be renamed to avoid potential trademark infringement issues.


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Using quotes does not necessarily imply that. Additionally, the resource title is called Photoshop on HTML5 and you're even using the Adobe Photoshop icon (Ps).
Additionally, the resource title is called Photoshop on HTML5
[KL] Telegram Bot (for NSF) - Telegram is not developing the bots for xenForo.
[cXF] Twitter Widget - Twitter does not make widgets for xenForo.
I can give many examples. It is necessary?
If you are a fighter for the rights of the companies start the discussion of all topics that use the brand name.


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The two examples you cite are add-ons that utilise publicly available APIs to extend functionality with and/or work with the official application (Telegram, Twitter, etc). Hence, there is no issue with using "Telegram" and "Twitter" in these cases, because that's what they're interfacing with.

Your application has nothing to do with the official application of Adobe Photoshop. In fact, all you're doing is wrapping someone else's image editing application (Photopea) website within a xenForo page/node, and if I was the creator of Photopea I wouldn't be pleased to see someone re-branding my product.


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No forum owner would touch this while it's actively infringing on Adobe's trademarks given how litigious they are.

Very cool addon but as has been mentioned, branding it as Photoshop is a huge mistake.
Okay, I'll listen to your opinion, the next version will be called Photopea, as, actually, the name of the script. Although it is easier to make new than to rebuild the old one :).