"[xFS] User Smilies" & "Egg Avatar"


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FYI for those who have been asking if either "[xFS] User Smilies" and/or "Egg Avatar", both formerly available from XF Showcase, were still available for purchase anywhere, both can be downloaded for free for now at the links below.


The rights were purchased from Sheldon and at the time the intention was update both of them. Fate has not been kind to me this year in the offline real world so they've been sitting stagnant. Until if/when I get a chance to work on them they'll be made available for free. I know some people have tried them on 1.2 and have gotten different results so, please, if you try them out with your version of XF and have run into any issues and/or fixes then please share them with others.

XF Mods: Since the User Smilies thread was closed I wasn't sure the best place to post this thread. Please close/move/delete as appropriate.


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Why don't you just add them as resources here, either hosted locally or with a link to the site?
Honestly... because I totally forgot that you can add an RM with a remote link. :oops: I'll add them here later tonight as well in the RM as a remote link.

Woah @ that theme. I didn't know that was a Xenforo site until closer inspection. Awesome.
That's XenFoogle by PixelExit (@Russ & @Steve F) :cool: -- I loved it so much that I picked several branding free licences to use on various sites/experiments.


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:ROFLMAO: I'm building an AddOn such as but not copy of this.
My AddOn allow:
  • Support smile by external link not upload
  • Limited by each user group. That mean you can set how many smilies can defined for each group
  • And more :D


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... and since Nobita has released his paid-on the conversation about it can be done in that thread.

In the mean time anybody who wants a free option that, yes, does work with XF 1.2, has an option available to them.