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[xFS] Egg Avatar BETA (version 0.2) - Egg, pin, crack your members avatars

Have a little fun with your members avatars.

Go from this:
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To this:
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You cannot throw anything at yourself, that is why you only see "CLEAN" in my area.

On other members, you will see "THROW"

Ability to:
  • Upload images to "throw" sizes can be set, or random
  • Ability to upload image to "clean" your avatar off.
  • Choose which forums are able to have this used in.
  • Ability...

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Plans changed. Now I am forced to hire someone to correct issues, that is why I released it as beta.
Fair enough. No problem with you charging for it, just was confused as I'd literally just read it'd be free :)

That was the entire plan. The site (xFShowcase) eat the costs, correct the small issues, give it back to xF users. However, when I got (or attempted to get) ripped off, I had to resort to this. Which is unfortunate.
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