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xF's Ajax & Javascript OR Basic HTML


Hi guys,

many of my forum members are complaining about a lot of problems at Submitting (threads,posts,profile updating...etc)

So... , is there any way to add to xF an options . e.g. :

XenForo Browsing Type : (Ajax & Javascript - Basic HTML)
XenForo Browsing Type = Setting

--Ajax & Javascript = Option 1

--Basic HTML = Option 2



Have they considered using a modern operating system with a modern browser without 500 plugins?
Sorry if that's rude, but it "is" 2012 almost, and win 98 with ie 6 just doesn't cut it anymore.

Any current OS with recent browser supports php/ajax/etc that helps modern technologies to work just fine.

Plus, if you turn off Javascript for example, XenForo works just fine in the core features.

Having the forum hosted on a server without high server load obviously helps prevent running into timeouts.
thanks Floris , 0 worries

i'm not just standing there
i've sent to them hundreds of newsletters and have placed ads on the forum to make them upgrade their browsers , but it was all for nothing

is there any other opinions about the suggestion up there ?


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