XFCoder :: Title Ladder Gems

XFCoder :: Title Ladder Gems

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XFCoder :: Title Ladder Gems - Visualize users position on the User Title Ladder using your selected images, a progress bar etc.

Visualizes the user's position on the User Title Ladder.

You can choose a default image for the ladder levels, as well as custom images for each level.

You can add custom CSS in the style properties so as to create a progress bar effect (example given in the add-on), or other effects of your choice.

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You used the full line of gems as an image for each level. Each level should have only one gem (it can use the default gem, but that should also be only one gem).
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It's possible but it's more than a template change - the gems are actually inserted as a part of the 'usertitle' template function ( <xf:usertitle user="$user" /> ) so changes have to be made in the Templater class which the add-on is extending.

Alternatively, you can simply move DOM elements around with jQuery and add the CSS required following that.
The title ladder is a core feature of XF so what you are asking is not related to this specific add-on (which only adds visualization).

There are no group permissions I'm aware of that you can use to exclude the title ladder for certain groups, but this functionality can be custom programmed.
The add-on is not built that way out of the box. You can request a modification if you wish.
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