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[XFA] Youtube Profile Sidebar [Paid] 1.0.2

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XFA submitted a new resource:

Youtube Profile Sidebar - Allows users to post their favorite youtube video on their profile

  • XenForo > 1.4.x

Allows users to post their favorite youtube video on their sidebar profile

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  • Usergroup permission
  • Video mode option (With video or just only sound)
  • Position on sidebar option
  • Autoplay option
Install/Uninstall instructions
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I have just the site for this - Do you have a live example of this being used anywhere please?

I presume the video will display on the public profile once the user adds it?

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That would be great :) I've gone passed the days of downloading just for a test as my site is pretty big for its 'niche'

I'm more than than happy to allow my site to be used as a demo for people to see if you like? https://motovlog.com/
Im a be honest with you, get this add-on. You need to register to my forum to see it active on my profile page. But the add-on is designed very well and it will have the members on your site loving this feature.


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I made this for vbulletin 3, but using the full URL. I find members get confused adding the id. Other than that, works are described ;)