[XFA] Thread Management Automation

[XFA] Thread Management Automation [Paid] 1.1.1a

No permission to buy (€10.00)


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Please do not post both on our forum and here, that would be appreciated.

I think I know why there is an incompatibility. For the same reason than I overrided the default function completely the add-on you spot does too.
What I could do is provide you with a fix to modify my file so that it includes the modification of the spotted add-on.

Will do so through thread on XFA tomorrow as it's 2 AM here so time to sleep.

Among other things I am looking for a plugin that will delete threads automatically if users meet specific conditions that I can preconfigure.

Example would be: User's post contains a link, but user has submitted less then 3 total posts ---> Post deleted --> Message sent to user as to why post was deleted.

If this plugin does this, then I shall hand you my wallet :notworthy:

Good for forum but this is not compatible with Facebook Posts.

Posting forum links on Facebook, appears "ERROR". This happens before and after the thread is published on forum.

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