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XFA submitted a new resource:

[XFA] Post Sketch Draw - Bring manual drawing input capabilities to your thread/post creation !

Thanks to Post Sketch Draw, you can bring your users with the capabilities to input manual drawing to their threads/posts.

Drawings are added as attachments to the threads/posts and hence can be included as thumbnail or full image to the messages text.

With XenForo permissions system, you can finely select the forum in which specific usergroups can have access to that new handy and awesome feature.

Let your users imagination...

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Interesting add-on. Are the resources for this loaded for every thread, or only when you click "Draw Sketch?"

I must admit I don't know, I don't have a 1.3 setup and all our add-ons are only tested with 1.4 and above.

I don't see a demo on your forum?

Will this work with phones and tablets, will members be able to draw sketches with their fingers?
Have you tried in the test zone area ?

For phone and tablets, I must admit I never tested.

I noticed when testing that there is no visual feedback when changing brush size.
No there isn't, am using a custom script which doesn't.
You see the change when using it though.
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