[XFA] Embedded PDF II (BBCode)

[XFA] Embedded PDF II (BBCode) 2.0.1

No permission to download
It should be like that


as described under usage coulmn.
Thank you for the good addon.
If possible, the zip file should be packed so that It can be extracted in Linux environment.
I had to extract your zip file in Windows and zip it again before sending to Linux server. The default file has problem with path name.

I have one question:
Can I change the size of the pdf viewer?

Thank you.
Thanks for this great BB code,
I want to use it with "editor icon"
I added file-pdf-o on debug mode.
But it doesn't work.
Let me explain

When I use;
[URL='pdflink(with .pdf)'][ITDPDF]pdflink(with .pdf)[/ITDPDF][/URL]
copy paste, its okey.
But when I click to editor icon EMBED PDF;


it appears;

and I paste pdf link as below;

[ITDPDF]pdflink(with .pdf)[/ITDPDF]

and the resut is;

and never finish "loading" nothings happen. (by the way pdf file is 100 KB)

What did I miss, What's wrong. Thanks for your help.
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