[XF2] Slow image posting from clipboard - 410K takes 46 seconds, nothing happens at all for 24 seconds.

Digital Doctor

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Testing over here shows very slow clipboard pasting.

in 410K .jpg file, after pasting the image (via Control +V), it takes 24 seconds for *ANYTHING* to happen - at all.
And it takes 46 seconds for the action to complete.

After the image is posted, the 24 seconds of "nothing" happening ... it feems like I should try again because of the lack of feedback. But from experience, I know waiting is what is required. Newer users will not have the patience.

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Digital Doctor

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Image uploading -from the clipboard- is still slow.

This image is 969K


and takes 17 seconds to post from the clipboard.
11 of those seconds *NOTHING* happens.

Image posting in Xenforo 1.x appeared to be instantaneous.

uploading it as an attached file (not clipboard):
1.8 seconds to read 100% complete.
5.0 seconds to actually complete.
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tried on your own test xf2 install ? it does seem alot slower than xf1.5 even on my own xf 2 install

~4-5 seconds for below paste/upload


~2 seconds on my xf1.5 forums

i tested your 969K image via clipboard paste on my test xf2 install took ~11s to upload and yes there is a freeze for a while
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