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xF1 product XML to xF2 phrases dev output


Formerly MtoR
XFA submitted a new resource:

xF1 product XML to xF2 phrases - Extract phrases to xF2 add-on development output from xF1 product XML

As I worked on porting add-ons from xF1 to xF2, I became bored of needing to recreate everything.

So I created a quick perl script which parses a xF1 XML product file and creates the phrases text files into the _output directory you provide.

This is very raw, not optimized, not integrated to a CLI, but feel free to propose code modifications.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use warnings;
use XML::Simple;
my $parser = XML::Simple->new( KeepRoot => 1 );

$num_args = $#ARGV + 1;
if ($num_args !=...
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