xF Wiki (or Brogan for short)


Formerly CyclingTribe

How the hell do you manage to remember all the various xF discussion threads, and then point people to them in an instant?

I think the basic xF should be upgraded to include a free Brogan with every license sold.

Thanks for helping and all, but give us chance to blink first eh?

Kudos - you either have an excellent memory, or you really *do* spend too much time here. :)

Shaun :D


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I think Brogan isn't a real person. I think Kier and Mike just managed to build the most highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system ever. Long story short...Brogan IS XenForo :D


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I have to say I am very impressed with Brogan.

He is one of the mods here I didn't know from anywhere else such as vB.

So I didn't know much about him. But I can see he knows LOTS about XF now. So I am glad he is a mod and can help people out.

Good things with Brogan around. :)

PS: thanks for all the help you given me so far.


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I really wanted to post a thread thanking borgan for his hard work in xf. I was just afraid borgan would place my thread in the [duplicate] forum and point to all of these threads :D

I am impress how every time I login I see his avatar and activity in the forum
thanx a lot for your hard work you deserve to be the XenForo Moderator


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Last week on his way to way to mentor underprivileged youths, Brogan saw a little old man collapse on the side of the street. He immediately stopped, instructed passersby to contact authorities (911 in the US or in the UK 0118-999-881-999-119-725-3) and began CPR. He kept the little old man alive for what seemed to be hours until medical staff arrived. By the time they had the little old man loaded in the ambulance, Brogan had already gotten into his car and driven off. He didn't want to be late for the poor kids who relied on his bits of wisdom.

Brogan is not the hero XenForo wants; he's the hero XenForo deserves.