[XF Website] Suggestion: Separate Styles by Type


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I was wondering if everyone else thinks on this subject. XF has allowed a lot of people to develop their own custom skins. After browsing through the Style's forum I find that there are many, many different Styles and thats Great! However I feel it may be somewhat of a chore for your customers to find the more customized styles, instead of just a color changing layout. Perhaps it might be somewhat a more pleasurable experience if we separate the two types of Styles?


Forum: Styles
-Shows basic Color change styles​
-Subforum: Customized/Modified Styles​
(should include 2 of 3 of the following, header, navigation, and footer template edits)​

I know for a fact that this will help your customers find the more customized styles, faster. Separating the novice and "professional" templates would be a great feature for the website. If you feel this would be a positive move for the XF staff, then please like this post. If you agree otherwise, please explain your reasoning :)


p.s. i would like to personally thank everyone that is out there creating styles, no matter what the complexity of those styles are. keep up the great work and keep the styles coming :)


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Agreed, whilst some of the simple style modifications look great it would be very useful to differentiate them from the more "professional" styles.


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I agree. We probably should have styles separated into subforums, one for color changes, the other for modified styles.