Add-on XF-to-WP Bridge - WordPress v4.0 - XenForo 1.4.1 Compatibility Issues

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To whom it may concern,

The website this add-on is purchased / downloaded from is:
Add-On Link:

First off, there seems to be 3-4 bridge plugins to make this work, but it seems none of them are updated consistently.

I have purchased XF - Wp Bridge, but have come to a conclusion this software does not work with the newest versions of software for XenForo / WordPress dating October 3, 2014 .

Once the plugin was installed and enabled. I set it up and tinkered around with some settings. Once I saved and configured everything. I had a critical error on line 362 of ../includes/user.php and had to do a complete re-install of the software. Lucky me I didn't install this on a live site first.

I have opened up a dispute ticket asking the developer (Jamie) to work with me in getting this thing to work. Many people are needing this type of software to bring an entire community together.

Who here would be willing to donate some funds to get this project up to date? I would donate another $20 bucks personally if we could get the ball rolling on this important software.

I could personally design a plugin for this, but I do not have the time to do that under the circumstances of launching a huge website on a specific deadline. Although, if this does not work - my next priority is getting this to work. This is a gold mine waiting to be excavated

I believe the XenForo software will out play Vbulletin 10 fold, but there needs to be more consistency with the add-ons updates.

The website this add-on is purchased / downloaded from is:
Add-On Link:
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Update: I have seem to gotten XenScripts to work with a couple STRICT code fixes with the help of Jamie (The Developer) I will update again after everything has been tested out.