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@duydangle, why don't you describe the "problems" you're having so that DI has a chance to fix them?
I uninstalled this addon for a long time, but I remembered that when I enabled minify js, the tinymce reply box is not displayed. Thanks for your reply.


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The description suggests that this addon only helps with deferring the js, meaning the minify js is handled by XF itself now? If so how do I get it to?


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DarkImmortal, have you thought about putting out an Add-on just for the Defer Javascript portion of this mod, since that is the main part that is still valid?


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Will this be updated? Minifying Java is a very important thing when it comes to site speed. It's one of the issues I'm working on right now in fact. :confused:

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All of XenForo's javascript is minified by default.

The only javascript that won't be minified is add-ons (if the add-on developers haven't minified it - personally, I always do), inline javascript and external javascript (Facebook and Twitter).

Most of the stuff that's left over can't be minified or is negligible in its effect.