XF marketplace ideas


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We do not need a 'marketplace type script' for this forum, I suggested devs look at it so XF customers can add the feature to their forums, here I think all we need is some sort of comment or review process so clients of the XF vendor can leave positive feedback or negative feedback like is done on ebay.

Brian's vBAdvanced links directory script has an optional review module where people can leave comments on the vendors listed in the directory which is a model I would follow here.

What are your ideas for the new XF services forums ??


User preferences so I can check / uncheck to have What's New? display content from the test forum / marketplace forum.


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LOL Floris, you would be reading the XF marketplace forum more than all the rest knowing you !!

To let folks know, especially hack developers, I think a great opportunity is to develop an XF add on marketplace script with some of the same features as the highly cloned Sitepoint Marketplace script so XF forum owners can add a marketplace to their forums, like I said, I don't think we need it here.