XF Gallery - Setting upload limit?

Is there a way to limit the number of pictures uploaded in the gallery per day and per user ? or even better : per day and per membergroup?

Thank you for your answer :)
I'm running a photography forum: members submit pictures to our curators who decide if their picture will be published or not (same as post moderation, but for pictures). This is why I need to restrict the number of picture they can submit during a period of time.


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This would make a good add-on.

I also need an add-on to limit uploads daily for the xfmg.

For images/embeds/video uploads

someone make it please!!

I would pay to set the number of pictures a person could upload.

This to me would be a GREAT add on for a subscription. Basic membership you can upload 1 pic. then members could upgrade for access to private areas, increase how many pics they are allowed to put in their profiles and so on.
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