XF Forum Logos - Semi-Custom Logo's for cheap


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PRICE: $30

I own a company that has access to hundreds of thousands of assets and can make you a logo that's extremely high quality, and extremely unique for extremely cheap. I charge $30, instead of making them completely from scratch I use thousands of assets to create a logo that matches what your Xenforo Forum is about. This allows for quick creation of Logos, and since it's not entirely from scratch I can charge significantly less than most others.

Capture.JPGEmblem-Black-Text.png3rd age cafe800x.pngAI GUN FORUM Overlay.pngLogo.png

If you're interested then please DM me what you're looking for, as well as your forum as well as your budget.
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I bought the logo made by @Xyphien and it's live now on my site. Here's what it looks like. There were a couple revisions I did per my preference but not many. Close to original. I've placed a brown background like on my site header so you can see how it looks. I'm very satisfied with it and would recommend his services.

Yes impressive work. I may contact you again for another on a second site I might create if I buy another Xenforo license. Good luck with everything.
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