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Adsense feedback:

Adsense is working significantly better on my XF forum than it was on my old forum which was built in Nabble. This is due in part, I think the variety of ad positions that allow me to make extensive use of 728x90. IMO it's the best size, the horizontal is the least disruptive to the layout. In addition I'm in digital marketing and we have always seen the best result for multiple clients with that size.

I made the move in early July, which is our slow season. (We are a skiing site.) Now as we are moving towards the season revenue looks to be doubled, at least.

Our biggest issue is viewability which is extremely low, around 35%. Our old site was closer to 85%. My guess is that the ads load slowly, and the ads at the top of the page our "out of sight" from scrolling before they load. For some reason ads loaded very quickly in Nabble. I would like to fix this if I could.

As hard as it is to believe, I'm not in it for the money. I think ads are important for a variety of reasons. I feel like they actually increase the site's credibility, especially when you get ads from big, well-recognized brands.

Regardless, I want to maximize my revenue.

Very glad we moved to XF, and this one of the reasons.


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After a year, with adsense, revenue is still rising. With almost all the same ad positions revenue looks to be up a lot since we first made that change in July 2020. Might lend some credence to the idea that old established adsense units perform better than new ones.
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