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Providing a service and add-on to implement custom PHP pages, people using it usually come from Kotomi on XF 1.
I would like to thank @vbresults for responding and building me a complete solution for my custom page add-on needs. It was done quickly and at the price quoted for the project. They went above and beyond to produce exactly what I needed. I will definitely be going back to them if I need any additional custom XenForo work done.

I had used them in the past for some vBulletin 4 projects over the years and I'm glad to see they are developing for XenForo too.
Add-on Includes:
  • Set page content inside XF 2.x layout
  • Use XF 2.x PHP functions
  • Highlight navigation tab (optional)
  • Add custom <title> tag (optional)
  • Add custom content to <head> tag (optional)
  • Toggle navigation breadcrumbs
  • Custom navigation breadcrumbs
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Thumbs up for vbresult. (y)
I used kotomi on 1.5 before and his Script Pages Addon delivered the same, no even better functionality for XF2.
I stood in direct email contact with vbresults and he delivered very good support and even picked up new feature suggestions i had!
So i definitly recommend vbresults and his plugin Custom PHP Pages!
Another thumbs up for vbresults here.

I contacted him with a request for quotation on an add-on that I wanted. He responded timely and we agreed to terms. Normally with software projects, it's real important to hammer out the specifications to ensure the customer ends up with the desired solution and the coder has the proper basis for estimating the effort/cost. I was slightly anxious because while I was able to give vbresults a live example to look at of the front end, we didn't really discuss how the back end would be structured.

He delivered a real elegant solution that is extremely flexible/configurable - I'm super happy with it. Quality work delivered as promised.
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