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As it has been pointed out, right now you can not access data for generated avatars directly from template. By this data I mean:
  • Color, generated from username;
  • Symbol, taken as a 1st symbol from username;
  • (Probably) Symbol color, to contrast with original color.
By providing this data we can:
  • Create effects for generated avatars like special border-color, text-shadow for Symbol, box-shadow with various colors, etc;
  • Use color information to tint SVG image.
SVG example:
In this example we could set 2 colors:
  • background (taken from original Color, #E7ECED in this case);
  • and foreground for avatar image itself (taken from Symbol color or generated by LESS with invert or anything else, #55608 in this case).
We could use more complicated SVG to customize it even further with colors and different functions LESS has to offer.
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