XF-1.1 beta is broken with the style of all green? help

There are errors that only all green style. (only= all green)
XF-1.1 beta was install as. There was no old.
Please see the pictures:
a0Jw.png Adsız.png Adsız2.png www.islamforumu.net 2011-10-6 2-17-24.png www.islamforumu.net 2011-10-6 2-18-18.png
for example: do not default style.
Why is it broken? (all green)
you must install from the very beginning? Can we fix the shortest way?
Which theme you use?
we use in the all green.
all green >> default style, modified only in color,
Was 1.1 to new templates, changed link to some pictures.
I installed with my new style from zero.
Let me tell you shortly how the logic?