Xenzine Addon Alteration


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I am desperately looking for someone who is able to edit this addon slightly for me. All i am looking to add is to scrap the discussion tab within the articles and have a comments sections below.

I have seen this done on the xenzine site by a member but he never responded to my request at how he did it.

I believe they used the profile comments system under the articles, the reasoning for doing this is i feel the discussion tab is just too hidden from members. Once they have read it, its like you have to search for the discussion tab rather than just seeing the comments at the bottom.

I also spoke to Jaxel to see if i could transfer my xenzine articles over to xenporta but there doesnt seem to be a way to move all my current articles to that system unfortunately and i refuse to lose all that hard work put into these articles.

I really hope someone could help me

Thank you
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