Style (XenTheory) XenUnion Preview


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Just sort of finding out the general opinion of another style I've been working on. It's strictly a W.I.P. at the moment but what you see is what I have already made. Parts are still not completed but the majority is and it's mainly tweaks and a few colour parts to fix. A suggested price would be good as I am new to XenForo design work (although I have been doing general design for many years).

Any future work I do will be under the XenTheory name, although posted under my username - you get the idea.


Sage Knight

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I think the orange colour could be improved.

Hope you'll add some unique elements to it as well. Good luck.


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Agreed with the variation of orange you've chosen, It's not the nicest of oranges I've seen and looks saturated. I'm not so keep on the node icons either I honestly think they can be improved, significantly. Category text links would look better being white rather than orange.

Look forward in seeing this one evolve and seeing what you come up with.