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Nice, we've needed something like this.

Regarding is there any ability to set it to our own, so rather than:


we could make it:


or what have you. Not sure if route filters would work on the ?order=category_2


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Another idea that dawned on me would be to extend this into the coupon area so you can apply a coupon to specific categories.


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Hey @Allan, I noticed your post was edited, are the URL + coupon going into the next version?

News features in the next release:
- Coupon to specific categories
- Url rewirte (seehttps://xenforo.com/community/threads/xenproduct-categories-themescorp-com-paid.104385/#post-979481)
Yes sorry, I was wrong when I made the post.

We are talking about adding these features.

Personally, I would add, but we have priorities with requests made by our customers. (I mean the creation of add-ons)