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I just noticed a little problem with the navigation and breadcrumb area in mobile view. I will fix it as soon as possible.
Hello, I have the Siropu Chat installed and I want separate more the chat than the Forums:

The Chat is sticking to the Forum, how can I separate more?.

Thanks! ;).


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Hey nos,

I don't own this chat so it's a little bit hard for me to fix this.
I will send you a PM. Then you can send me your website URL and I will have a look.

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Nice style but there is a small bug. Impossible to change color of the header block. Would love to keep it but i need another color scheme....
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The demo site has this extra navbar ?
Seems to take up alot of space at the top.
That is actually the breadcrumbs. I do feel like it should have an icon though so people notice that.

Also, @Edvard I noticed after I installed the theme, there was a log in issue. You had to choose stay signed in for it to work. It seems to be okay now, but only after I switched the theme back to default and then back to this one. It could've been CloudFlare, but it's 50/50.