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XenPress by cobra

Discussion in 'Styles [Archive]' started by cobra1162, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. cobra1162

    cobra1162 Active Member

    Hello, here's a simple style:)
    Author's style / Author Of Style: Cobra1162
    Version of this style / style version: 2.0
    Version xenforo Required / Required xenforo Version: 1.1.0 beta5 xenforo
    Tested / Tested: yes

    Installation Instructions

    Transfer the file "xenpress" in the "style"
    Import the xml file (AdminCP -> Appearance -> Import style)

    French version - version française: http://xenfrench.com/forum/threads/xenpress-by-cobra.636/#post-4208

    donate and remove the copyright

    if you made ​​a donation of € 10 you can then remove the copyright of the style, if you can not remove it, thank you for contacting me​

    Please click the Like button​

    Attached Files:

  2. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    Very nice, congrat Cobra ;)
  3. @lex

    @lex Member

    Very Nice ! A big thank :)
    Danny Jadiel likes this.
  4. Pro

    Pro Active Member

    Thank you much!
  5. Pro

    Pro Active Member

    1.1 please :)
  6. cobra1162

    cobra1162 Active Member

    it is being created :)
    Pro likes this.
  7. Pro

    Pro Active Member

    Glad to hear! Looking forward to it :) Thank you so much for offering your services to the community for free.
    HydraulicJack likes this.
  8. MarcosPreviato

    MarcosPreviato Active Member

    Hi, very nice letpress based on your theme, you have plans to upgrade it to version 1.1 beta 5?

  9. cobra1162

    cobra1162 Active Member

    Update to xenforo 1.1.0 beta 5 :)
    MarcosPreviato likes this.
  10. MarcosPreviato

    MarcosPreviato Active Member

    Thankx man, nice theme! great work!
    cobra1162 likes this.
  11. MarcosPreviato

    MarcosPreviato Active Member

    a hint, the arrows are in the item subforum and the header tabs, legals would have them, you know to add them?

  12. MarcosPreviato

    MarcosPreviato Active Member

    hey cobra1162, you know how to put the user information (name, inbox and alerts) on top flexile same theme?
  13. cobra1162

    cobra1162 Active Member

    no sorry
  14. The Dark Wizard

    The Dark Wizard Well-Known Member

    Confirmed. This does not work for Release Candidate 1
  15. Steve10

    Steve10 Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by that?

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