XenPorta help

Bas D

Hi everyone,

I just got XenPorta installed, Its working really awesome, though there's 1 thing I need:
When I promote a post, It makes the thread weird, with a sidebar to it and a comment system etc.

I want the thread to be just normal but appearing on the homepage.

How I have it now: http://snapcraft.net/index.php
When you click the title: http://snapcraft.net/index.php?threads/forum.14/ (Weird thread)

How I want it: http://bukkit.org/
When you click the title: https://super-gaming.net/index.php?threads/its-finally-here-mcskullhunter-donor-alpha-testing-join-us-now.10035/

Thanks for the help, I hope you understand my bad explanation!

Bas D

The "weird" threadview is the article view. There's an option to disable it somewhere I think.
Thanks for your reply, I looked into that and found a huuuuge file called "EWRporta_ArticleView" I don't want to mess with that!
Im not sure what to change!