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[xenMade.com] Keyword Management (KWM2)

[xenMade.com] Keyword Management (KWM2) [Paid] 1.0.0

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au lait

Well-known member
au lait submitted a new resource:

[xenMade.com] Keyword Management (KWM2) - Replace keywords with links. Replace words with ToolTips. Ideal for Affilate - Incl. Short Links

With this addon the admins have the opportunity to set links for individual words, with many options for a single word, to strengthen internal linking.

You can also set tooltips for description or explanations to individual words. These extensive options can be used in Threads, Postings and resources.

Using the function ShortURL makes it possible to generate arbitrary links with an internal target. This makes it possible to maskexternal Affiliate Links, which are usually very...
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