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eTiKeT™ submitted a new resource:

[XenGenTr] XenFooter - A different footer design for Xenforo 2.

[XenGenTr] XenFooter
It's my first plugin I have developed for Xenforo 2 and it is free :) Maybe it's not a big, functional plugin, but it is a big step for me. You should also know that I am happy to share this plugin with you.​
I do not speak English I am sorry if I have a mistake.​
What is the plugin task?
The plugin adds a different footer design to the standard...​
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@marring you go to Admin Control Panel (ACP), and click Home -> Options -> [XenGenTr] XenFooter otions. That's all.
The add on is very simple.
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Looks good, although I think the colours should make use of the default style properties instead of using it's own.

The icons for the 'Social network' block depend on the default 'Share this page' widget being used, it would be nice if they didn't so that the footer can be used instead of the widget.

My RSS icon is also displaying slightly wonky.. :X3:


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Brad Padgett

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it is not working with my style (drift dark):cautious:
I highly recommend this add-on for custom footers. It cost $15 but is highly customizable and I've provided the code in the thread to get it to work for UI.X styles. It requires a template modification but is very easy to do and worked perfect for me when I was using UI.X styles. And I'm currently using it on my board as a custom footer. You can check the link in my signature for a demo.

You can check it out if you want:


Brad Padgett

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I did buy this one too, but not showing
I am using drift dark style theme
Go to the discussion area for the add-on. You'll see where I provided the code to get it to work. It requires a template modification on UI.X styles like drift dark. From there you just need to edit the cxf_column_center, cxf_column_right, and cxf_column_left templates with what you want to appear and enable columns in style properties. I don't know about this add-on but from the link I just gave that's what you need to do.

You'll need to click on the discussion area of the add-on and look at my post where I give the correct modification to add.

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Just it up on a custom design I am making for my Xenforo forum, but I have a small issue with changing color of the links in the quick links, but little to no success. I tried it first obviously in "XenFooter Lower Body Link" in style properties, but it does not change them.