Xenforo's Edit/Post Status Indicator .... small but mighty ! (and effective).

Digital Doctor

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I love Xenforo's Indicators ...

Your Thread has been posted.
  • it is oddly satisfying to see that message.
The ... "we are working hard getting your post into edit mode" Indicator.


I find these really add to the Interactive Feel of Xenforo.

Kudos for these small but mighty features !
Watch for them soon in IPB and vB !


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I also like them, of course unless my internet goes down in the middle of it and it's a constant reminder that my internet is terribly unreliable.


IPB don't need to copy it, they have it already for a long time;)
It's in the middle and not in the right corner^^ (the small loading box).


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I'd prefer the loading icons to show where the activity is (such as reply, alerts, report) rather than the icon in the upper right.

I do like them also :)


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I guess I'm used to them, so, personally quite often they get overlooked.
So I'll say just one thing...two actually...

Digital Doctor

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It is features like this that make xenforo FEEL so interactive.
vBulletin can blatantly copy the LIKE feature of Xenforo but that's not going replicate the overall feel of xenforo.
For that they would have to migrate all their vB users to xenforo.

Luke F

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I am probably the only one who feels this way, but I find both the elements mentioned in the OP infuriating. The pop down notification serves only to block the navigation (I know it can be clicked to hide, but why should I have to?), and as for the loading indicator, I hate anything locked to the viewport for any purpose (feels oddly claustrophobic, hard to describe), least of which something that is animated.