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Hi Guys,

I've been a loyal vBulletin customer for years now but I'm not at all happy about the vBulletin product ever since it was taken over by IB.
I read the announcement today on the vBulletin website about a lawsuit which actually made me aware of xenForo.
While browsing this site it gives me the old vBulletin feeling, somehow everything makes sense and I like where this is going. Keep up the good work guys!

Kindest Regards,


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Glad you like what you see here. I'm sure you'll find plenty of familiar faces from all over here. :)


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There is no court case.

1. The most that IB can have done in the UK system is APPLIED for a court case. That's very different to actually filing a case.
Their application has to be assessed by the CPP - and is most unlikely to be accepted, because copyright involving international laws and the internet has always failed before.
Assessment could take years as the CPP is overworked and this wonj't get priority, too specialist.
If VB want to waste money on a private case they can. It wouldn't b e hard to rebut and the publicity would do XF good.

Either way if a case starts chugging through the red tape it'll take ages and there are many blocks that can happen to it.

2. XF code is different.
KM were saying from the start that coders will need to learn a new system to make mods.
Also an outside expert has already analysed the code as different.
Xenforo uses jQuery rather than YUI, has AJAX everywhere it should be, uses TinyMCE rather than a custom bbcode editor, has HTML5, has slightly different PHP requirements... First glance views as a chartered IT professional with over 15 years experience is that Xenforo is a totally different code base.

3. When this announcement about a supposed court case was made no one other than KMA and their closest associates had seen the XF code. So IB/ VB could not possibly have made a comparison even informally, let alone oine that could stand up to rigorous legal examination.

Checking the VB boiard there's a lot of disgusted users there who are alerted to XF and coming here to look.
Also there are news items all across the net on geek sites with the same effect.



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While browsing this site it gives me the old vBulletin feeling, somehow everything makes sense and I like where this is going. Keep up the good work guys!
That's almost exactly the same thing I said when I first arrived here, it reminded me of the Jelsoft days back when everyone was friendly and courteous and it was actually a good experience to visit the help forum. Welcome to the board. :)


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Hi MainFrame, welcome to XenForo!

This might actually be a better read for you, rather than the link above. ;)
I was already confinced in about 3 minutes browsing this website, I'm buying my first license when it comes available.
But it will take some time before I can actually make the switch, I've coded a file sharing mod for my main site (www.sat-television.com/ulc.php)
So I will need some time to learn the new code and rebuild my mods.

I recently started a new forum and was just about finished with the installation and settings so I'll just convert that one to xenForo so I can learn the basics. Then buy my second license when I'm ready to switch my main site.

I'm really really happy I found xenForo, wouldn't know about it if IB didn't announce the lawsuit.
My visitors dropped from 250k to 80k a day since IB took over vBulletin, hope xenForo can restore that.