XenForo version of WP - Rocket Lazy Load plugin :)


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I'm planning on having a look at this.

As I'ld love it so I don't blow away my mobile phone quota when looking vaguely near an image thread.


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I've got a rough version done; https://github.com/Xon/XenForo-LazyImageLoader

Only affects the [img] and [attach] tags.

Todo list:
  • Add configurable for the threshold to load images before the user loads them
  • Permissions on what groups get lazy loading applied to threads/conversations they view.

Known bugs;
  • You will need to wiggle the page for it to realise a spoiler has opened up. JS issue I haven't had time to solve.
  • Uses <noscript> to show the original url to users without javascript. May impact SEO, don't really care unless someone pays for this feature.


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Works as expected for me :)
Can you please add support for XenForo Media Gallery, Signatures, RM pages and Avatars?
I'm willing to donate a small amount (maybe small for you but really big money for me already :D) for this addon :)
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It is actually by design that it only supports threads & conversations (but it should have been doing signatures before), as I didn't want to go hitting every image on a site and then having to support exceptions.

Next version I'm about to upload will put the jquery.unveil.js on most pages incase it needs to be used.