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XenForo Vb Theme


Active member
I've recreated the XenForo theme for VB to help create a further awareness of the XenForo brand. I'm curious of how much of this is ok to do. Would using the xenForo logo and post icons be ok, or is this a violation of xenForos copyright?

Looking forward to friendly, helpful responses.


Well-known member
It's definitely a violation of XenForo's copyright to use their logo and any graphics.
Especially to create a theme for vB.


Active member
Thank you, all I needed to know. If anymore info comes up, please pm me. I am removing all aspects of it now.


Active member
You could create a graphic that didn't infringe on xenForo's trade mark, but still conveyed your message. I don't believe that breaks any laws.


New member
Draw your own interpretation of the xF logo! :p
As for smileys; I think most forum owners use custom smiley packs anyhow ;)


Well-known member
I can't imagine using the color scheme and such could be breaking any laws either. Obviously using their logo does, but I think you can still make it work.

*Unless I'm wrong.


Well-known member
Rather than create a theme of XF for VB, why not just use the real deal? ;)
I can see how this could get around members being caught off guard with a change to XenForo. One of my members has actually said he won't come to the site ever again :confused:

Could be good as an option to have a familiar VB3 style - doesn't need to have the exact icons. I'm pretty sure someone made a VB3 style for IPB2 (and vice versa).


Well-known member
Hey it's been a nice pig for many years, have some respect. If anything, that poor pig is being inhumanely treated by it's simpleton owners ;)