Xenforo use MD5 or other for password ?


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Thank you, and you know where I can find (inside xenforo files) an example of usage (during registration) ?
I create a bridge Drupal 8 <=> Xenforo, and the password encryption on Drupal need to be the same as Xenforo for work without problem and with security.


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Are you developing an add-on?

You have posted in the general feedback forum, not the developer support forum.


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Yes, I create an addon, but not Xenforo, Drupal.
On my project : Drupal work with Xenforo, Xenforo don't work with Drupal (I use XenAPI). But I need to know how generate a password from Drupal for Xenforo.

Sorry if I am to the wrong place, I don't know where place my message for need help.