Xenforo to facebook/twitter cross-posting?

Good morning,

I currently run a couple of Xenforo sites, and one Social Engine site. I'm planning to migrate the Social Engine site (my sandbox) back to Xenforo this weekend, but I have a question about functionality.

On Social Engine, one of the things my users found useful was a little button which lets their posts/status updates get cross-posted to their Facebook / Twitter account. (A little icon they select next to the submit button).

Is there any level of integration (or addon module) for Xenforo which would allow my users to cross-post their stuff to their facebook page like Social Engine does? This has the multiple benefit of dragging new users into your forum and promoting them as well.

For the record, the reason for coming back to Xenforo is because -- even on a sandbox site (12 users) on Host Gator, it's slow. They also seem to prefer the forum-style to the Social Networking style.

So.. Can Xenforo do it?


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It would require an add-on or if one doesn't exist, custom development.

Threads and posts in general can be shared to various social network sites using the links at the right of each post and the bottom of each page.