xenForo templates and modules structure reference guide

Dear all,

do you know if there is a simple "infographic" / visual manual that might help to better understand the logical order of module /template disposition in the xenForo layout?

I mean, I was looking for the template name to edit if I want to append something at the very end of the homepage sidebar, on the right.

I guess I am looking for what is under the "sidebar_share_page" template. The former "forum_stats"...

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The FAQ in my signature explains how to identify the template name.
From there you can usually work out which template you need, if it's one which is called.

Another way of doing it is to search the phrases using the text, e.g. 'share this page'.
That gives you the share_this_page phrase.
Then you search the templates for that phrase, which gives you the sidebar_share_page template.
Then you do another template search to find out which template are calling that, which gives you the forum_list template.