Xenforo Speed

Anthony Parsons

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Love it... Awesomeness = Time!

I was going to post about the performance improvement just updating to stable yesterday... as all round, with 300 - 400 online, it absolutely fly's along and my same server that was dragging into the ground with VB4 is now chugging along at a fraction of capacity, been able to mod it to the eyeballs and still barely makes a dent in the server load.

Using this... I now understand how much of an amateur operation VB has become vs. what I thought was a professional one... the performance and features my users now have are unbelievable, and my users online are nearly returning fully after only a few months from change-over, back to peaks around 500+ online again.

I expect to take the rest of the year to recover fully the last bit, but already monthly graphs are climbing above normal rates, so recovery from VB4 to XF changeover is sweet, with benefits IMHO.