XenForo Signature Generator 2.0 by Erik Swan stopped displaying sig


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XenForo Signature Generator 2.0
Code by Erik Swan

I transferred my site to a new server and the sigs are displaying broken images for everyone. Is there a server setting that needs to be turned on for this to work? The generated images all have proper permissions. (644) so they should display correct?


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stats are not being written out, graphicsd are present as expected.
this is what I am getting in my member XML file

please advise

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <error><![CDATA[The requested page is unrepresentable in XML.]]></error>


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It stopped working for me on my own site as well, but I still have the xenaddicts one that does work.


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LOL... my bad

I thought intent of this thread was to resolve issue with XenForo Signature Generator not working properly..

xenaddicts signature generator is separate entity.. and does not work for your site at all. it is used for XenForo website. we ALL know that it works.