Xenforo SEO question


I say goodbye vbulletin +vbseo to get a license of Xenforo for my site at http://vfpress.vn
Currently, I'm not happy enough because the SEO problem. I found that, xenforo has less traffic than vbb+ vbseo.
In Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) option:
I see there're 2 options:
Use Full Friendly URLs and Include Content Title in URLs
What is better choice for SEO?


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No, xenForo does more than vBulletin + vBSEO.

Like Andy says, give it time and it will bounce back up. Maybe even more than you ever imagined.

Oh, and to answer your OP; I would include both. But for your language, I would leave the URL's alone the way it is on your site.