XF 2.2 Xenforo returning 404 when POSTing to API


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This has been causing me no end of frustration.

A user wants me to move a thread for them. We have an import script written.

- On my test forum, it runs perfectly. Posts the thread.

- On my live forum, it fails when it tries to post a thread.

Error 404 in POST at https://bluemoonroleplaying.com/community/api/threads: Not Found

The raw response is:

    "errors": [
            "code": "requested_page_not_found",
            "message": "The requested page could not be found.",
            "params": []

Again, this runs on my test forum, which has every addon I'm using on live plus a few. Only my live forum returns this 404 and it is getting returned straight from Xenforo itself.
Apparently, the API was unable to find the forum by name on the live forum, though it could on the test forum.

Resolved, sortof, but several things in this chain are bugs.
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