XenForo or IP.Board for my situation?

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Total newbie here everyone...please have mercy on this question...I just don't know the answer. : )

I need to know if XenForo will do some things I need it do do. I signed up for the trial a bit ago, but couldn't really tell anything about the program from my trial access.

Specifically, will XenForo allow me to build a site somewhat like this IP.Board website - http://bit.ly/ZcmDpc

I would be interested in running different blogs, 5-10 of them.

I would also like to run paid advertising.

Also, if I wanted to have a paid forum membership component like this - http://bit.ly/1sWBStv - Is that possible?

I would also like to have a membership aspect that can be charged different rates. Is this possible and relatively simple with XenForo?

I really like the feel of Xenforo...I just don't know enough at this time to understand if it will do what I need it to do.



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There are built in ad templates which you can use to add your code to.

If you want some sort of ad manager or a more comprehensive system, that would require an add-on.

I can't help with regards to blog add-ons, I don't use any.


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If you want something like the link you posted, you would need something more than a forum software, IPS Suite would work better for your needs...XenForo is only a better choice if you want a forum only software...

just my 2 cents


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I might ad, XF is very powerful program and why when I think of blog I think word press.
It would or could be possible to use XF to work in such a way. One could make a side menu and
direct it to your custom forum nodes. It could be setup easily and you would have a discussion forum
forum and all the power behind it which is bar-non plus you are set
for any expansion you may need in the future. I set up a commentary area for 3 writers on my site and
we have newsletters, no reason you could not use the powerful XF to do this in a blog, in a smaller version I am doing blogs on my site
but call them commentaries.
Blog software is usually limited to blogs, If communication was the point XF is very powerful and might work for you.

My two cents.
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