Xenforo optimization on Plesk 11.5

Carla Birch

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I'm just wondering if there is any good real server techs here that would be able to server optimization on a centos /plesk 11.5 server for Xenforo, my server only as 2 Xenforo forums on it and 1 Open Cart install.

We have Nginx installed and APC.

I can not start up PHP-FPM for Nginx, doing so gives 404 errors, I'm not even sure APC is working right: http://www.yourpshome.net/apc.php

And I have not touched the Mysql settings at all, but reading things by @Slavik I'm thinking of swapping it to Percona.

Btw I'm not after thing being done for free, it would be a paid job as i would like it done right to get the best benefit from it, plus i know it takes time.