XenForo on varnish+nginx+php-fpm (slash issue)


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I have an issue with using XenForo on a server with Varnish installed. The problem is that removing the last slash causes a wrong redirect to http://domain.name:8080/request
For example if I type http://mysite.com/community I am redirected to http://mysite.com:8080/community/
I googled that issue and pasted this into my config:

server_name_in_redirect off;
port_in_redirect off;
rewrite ^([^.]*[^/])$ $1/ permanent;

That fixed the issue temporarily. I can acces /community with no slash (it's added automatically) and all other pages except /members. I don't know why but members page doesn't work without slash. Why does this happen and is it possible to fix? Thanks.
This is a server behavior. It is something to do with your server configuration.

The members/ link within XenForo always has a / after the route, so that specific case shouldn't even exist.

I have no experience with Varnish. If your host provides server support, or you have some one who manages your server then I suggest contacting them about this. Or post in the server forum:

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